Compliance and related filing are filed online whether it is IncomeTax, TDS GST or ROC filing.

There are certain compliance & Filing that Individuals / Companies / Businesses have to follow like:
1. IncomeTax
2. ROC (Registrar of Companies)
3. TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)
4. GST (Goods & Service Tax), etc.


  • Every Individual with income above a certain (prescribed by the government) limit has to file income tax and people below that certain limit can file income tax.
  • Every Business registered or not have to file Income Tax in all cases.
  • There is also a mandatory Tax audit on a certain class of Companies.


ROC (Registrar of Companies) return is mandatory for those companies which are registered with ROC under any companies act (maybe company’s act 1956 or maybe the company’s act 2013 or any other previous act).


TDS filing is mandatory for those (Companies / Businesses Owners) who deduct TDS either on salary or on any other payment.


GST (Goods and Service Tax) return is mandatory for a person who has registered himself or his/her business under GST. GST Filings are made monthly, Quarterly and Annual basis.

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